Aaron and Daniella Winter - Hype Build & Design


When Aaron and Daniella began their journey on Channel 7’s House Rules their aim was to share a slice of Gold Coast paradise with the rest of the country. After winning House Rules they dreamt of creating a lifestyle House Flipping business that pushed the edge with design and ergonomics.

HYPE has become that business and now they push into the brave new information era with a innovative weapon a eco-friendly and sustainable building focus that uses and investigates the newest technology and material leap forward ever seen before.

Building as a whole is changing so quickly with new product and techniques almost seen daily and we as an industry need to recognise and adapt. Aaron and Daniella are passionate about what they do and how they do it and are lucky enough to be able to share the adventures with their followers.

The strong partnerships that have been built over the longest period stand testament to the type of people Aaron and Daniella are and we appreciate thier support now and in the future.

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