Meet A & D

HYPE Build + Design - Daniella Winter

Aaron is sporty enthusiastic, down to earth. He has extensive experience constructing all manner of homes. Aaron excels at thinking outside the box and executing great ideas into great construction, also believes an investment in your home is an investment in yourself, your family and those that you love. It’s about spending time, making memories, and it’s an expression of your individual style.

HYPE Build + Design - Aaron Winter

Daniella is a former performer who has discovered a passion for interiors also has an eye for both calming & energetic design. She brings a real sense of natural flow to any zone and is able to see potential in spaces where others may not. Daniella’s mission is to share her vision of what she loves to do.


We pride ourselves as building professionals and we believe to complete a successful project understanding the client’s needs is integral. Implementing construction management to ensure cost efficiency and project progression to create ergonomic spaces that deliver buildings provide a point of difference. Effective communication lays the foundations for a positive project completion in any environment.


Well-thought-out design alleviates a multitude of building problems and is the forefront of our strength in foreseeing the end product. We work to ensure the vision, goals, and expectations are achieved. We spend the time on the small details to turn that design vision into a home that is a warm environment fit for purpose.


House renovating can reap huge rewards whether it is adding some style or purpose to an old home or building that extra space to fit the growing family. We provide mentoring advice to our followers to help them gain knowledge and experience with money and time, planning and patience, and those golden tips to gain the most benefit out of the improvements to wow the family and friends.


Property flipping is an exciting adventure that has so many different avenues whether it’s trying to sell for a quick profit, maximising rental income, or the long-term capital gains. We provide advice on the advantages of property flipping while showing you how to become a better renovator, build your professional network, tips for the DIY, and what types of building work add the most value.



We aim to make the remodelling or building process joyful, easy and rewarding. Aaron being a builder and Daniella a former performer now interior expert, the duo have a mission in life to tailor all their builds to something you have never seen before.

With tips, hints and tricks to be shown along the way the pair have a divide conquer attitude where flipping becomes second to none, The only way you see results if you stay consistent and follow your dreams We strive to show what building is all about, what inspires us and what we absolutely love to do.