HYPE Build + Design - Services


We offer a full range of interior design services as well as floor and layout planning and exterior design, or we can work with your own designer or architect to provide valuable insight from the construction perspective to help ensure your project runs smoothly.


We can offer a full build service, taking responsibility of the project for you; we manage it from concept design to completion. By gaining a full understanding of client requirements we can construct a custom made building that best suits everything you require.


We work with you to ensure your vision, goals and expectations are achieved, creating the warm, comforting and nurturing environment that is you, that is your style, that is your home.


We will complete renovations for your home that have the perfect balance of design, practicality and function, all at a great price. We can assist with any change to your existing building’s use or layout.


We are passionate about property, we have done a fair share of renovating on and off tv, realising the potential of a house with good bones or enjoying the challenge of improving a poor floor plan and seeing an old house regain its former glory.

As a judge on House Rules it was a pleasure to see Aaron and Daniella compete and win! Starting out as a chippy has its obvious advantages on a renovation show but it really was the combination of a team that works. Aaron has a great work ethic that gets things done…..they both have complimentary skills but what I think won them the show is that they listen. They listened to each other and to the judges. I’m sure they will listen to their clients and this makes them a winning team. A team that adapts, learns and delivers some really cool and fun stuff……. Drew Heath

Architect and Builder